Fareham Nomads Swimming Club are raising money to build a new swimming pool.

The latest partnership is with Coco’s Coffee Shop, located at 110 Miller Drive, Fareham:

Coco’s Café Shop, Miller Drive, Fareham

Coco’s is a fairly new venture and is attracting great reviews from local residents of the Uplands Estate and surrounding area.  Gareth & Charlie the proprietors, have teamed up with the club to act as a collection point for re-cycling aluminium drinks cans and foil.

We at Coco’s are only too pleased to join forces with a local club that provides swimming lessons and coaching for all ages.  We understand the need for the club to have a pool of their own so they can expand and become a truly community club.   

They have recognised that creating aluminium from ore is significant and has an adverse environmental impact and therefore recycling of “scrap” aluminium will have a significant positive effect on the environment and the future of our planet. 

Although aluminium recycling already has a well-established network of recyclers and the level of can recycling is relatively high, approximately 20%, a significant amount still goes to land fill.

In association with Every Can Counts, Fareham Nomads Swimming Club have linked up with several local companies to promote the collection of aluminium drinks cans in canteens. In addition, members of the club have been collecting cans from neighbours and friends however cans are very light and to raise the sums of money required to build a swimming pool (a lot!) they now need to scale up their collections to include members of the general public. 

Members of the club swim at various pools throughout the Borough and provide swimming lessons and coaching sessions for non-swimmers through to National and International level of competition.

On behalf of our members we thank customers of Coco’s for reading this and for any help that you may be able to give to us. 

(I can highly recommend the Cheesecake – Stewart Crowe Masters Swimming Coach at FNSC.)

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