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Julie Dickson
Richard Pointonn/a

Julie Dickson Development Coach

Richard Pointon Head Coach

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Target age:Males 9-12 yrs
Females 8-11 yrs
Biological age (as a guide)
ADSPLearning to Train - Swim Skills/Technique• 100-200m medley based training
• 5 stroke skill development
(Fly, back, breast, free and kick)
Sessions: 3.25 hours
3 sessions
Minimum target of 75%
To compete regularly at club level competitions with good commitment to the programme. Swimmers will be targeting County Development and potentially County Relay level. Swimmers should aim to reach the highest levels based on ability and commitment levels.


Kit List   
Kick BoardPull BuoyFins
Skipping RopeDrinks Bottle (1x750ml)Spare Hat/Goggles

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